Designing the olympics coverage

Nick Haley, head of UX & design at BBC Future Media, gives an account of designing a cohesive experience across multiple devices for the BBC coverage of the London 2012 Olympics.

The same range of content is also found on mobile, where our approach was not to limit or reduce the content available on that platform, but design pages that were optimised for the mobile context.

Interesting to see that they are not muddling up user intent and device. The content (thousands of pages of different types) is available on all devices instead of limited, stripped down and/or hidden because of some imagined use case of users enjoying the olympics “on the go”.

As well as testing individual products, we were also keen to test cross-product journeys such as from iPlayer to Sport and from the BBC homepage to the Torch Relay site in News.

This sounds interesting indeed. I would love to know more about how these tests were performed. It would also be cool to know what the results of the tests were.

Shaping, structuring and arranging Olympic content for many different contexts and devices was a big challenge but hopefully the end result is an overall experience that feels joined up and cohesive, and most importantly something that you enjoy using.

From the sounds of it the BBC are leading the way in digital coverage of events like the olympics. Look at NBC for comparison.